“Our life is the creation of our mind.” Buddha

Change starts with a single step.

This step is as simple as scheduling a no-cost discovery call to learn if I’m the right person to help you make the difference only you can make.



Walking the talk and climbing those mountains – literally.

I take my self-development seriously and I’m on a continuing quest to be the best life coach to my clients that I can be.

A pleasant side-effect of my work is that I’ve coached myself into some pretty exciting achievements:

  • From a wannabe author to publishing my first fiction novella L'Affaire Ladakh

  • From avowed non-runner to half marathoner.

  • From a reluctant exerciser to regular yoga and meditation practitioner.

  • From corporate cog to running my own business.


Still reading?

  • As your coach I have privileged access to your dreams, desires, fears and struggles, 

               it only seems fair you learn a little more about me.

  • I'm proud to have served in the Indian Army and was the first lady officer to be posted
               as directing staff to Officers Academy Chennai.
  • I am invested in my relationships and my family is my rock solid foundation.
  • Two medical emergencies gave me a new perspective on life.
  • I am a hands on person.

What are you struggling with?

In my experience, enthusiastic aspirational world-changers

(like you) get stuck in one or all of the following dilemmas - 

Finding Focus



You know you have a difference to make. But, you’re so overwhelmed by day-to-day life that you don’t have a moment to figure it out.

Getting Started



You have a great idea, but it hasn’t gotten much further than that. The options seem endless and you just can’t seem to get started.

Maintaining Momentum


You’ve started, but you just can’t seem to build momentum in a sustainable way. You’re worried that you just can’t keep going this way.

You’ve got ideas worth pursuing.
I’ve got the energy and experience to help you pursue them.